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The hotel provides a wide variety of daily activities, filling and relaxing nicely each day of visitors. Specifically, there is the possibility of using Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, table tennis and card room. There is also a special billiard room for our guests and a tv room.
Also for lovers of sports, there are 4 tennis courts, beach volley and also facilities for outdoor chess. Entertainment can be combined with exercise since in the two swimming pools for adults, there is on a daily basis a group of animators offer a program of exercise and sports for adults.
For our little friends, there is always fun because there are playgrounds, a mini club and a children's theater for playing with the team of animators and for watching funny shows. They can also enjoy by swimming in the two specially designed pools.
The hotel apart from others has a private Disco and an outdoor amphitheater for the amusement of children.
Moreover, there is ability in a special case, upon your request, to arrange for you a visit/appointment with a private doctor. Guests are also having the opportunity to rent a vehicle.